I'll miss your perfect charming selfishness; I can't say goodbye, say goodbye

"Ris Low is short, fat and cool."

heh. not true la.
I made that up.
for physics.

because when resistance (R) is Low,
Length is short,
Cross-sectional area is big,
Temperature is low!

im so cooool. hahaha x]

finally catching up with Gemmi ever since that sms-saving plan :(
sigh, i miss my favourite dongsaeng D:
so bad.

update on exams:
Chinese Paper 1
Chinese Paper 2
English Paper 1
English Paper 2

i just realized i actually had NINE blasted papers @!#(&!$*#
more than 1/2way through already though :D
and i kinda appreciate the 2 papers on 1 day thing.
cos when i get home, it's 2 papers off my shoulders :)

chinese was ok.
english was a giveaway.
physics was tricky, but not that bad.

jean and i just epic failed @ studying chemistry.
we ended up learning the chorus dance steps of SS501's Love Like This.
and guitar-ed, and camwhored.
the minimal "yeah, this one soluble, so to make precipitate need another soluble salt la."
that was all.
uhh, ooooooops? :D
camwhore pics are up on facebook.
dont think she'll kill me for the photos, but more of kill me for the captions.

ok, im gna like, bathe, and eat dinner, and start mugging seriously.
maybe call jean to revise together or something.

ok, bye people, wish me luck for the remaining papers.
and sorry for the hiatus.

sorry for the difference in font, i copy-pasted this from LJ, too lazy to repost.

6:53 PM  //  Out of the darkness and into the sun

now i'm hungover;

it's time i posted, really :D

exams are around the corner, 2 more days of preparation and it comes!
sigh, really stressful x_____x
(i'm blogging like teuk, LOL.)
just did remedials today.
chem was so fun, haha, not being sarcastic.
jap was.. usual, just more jokes x]
gym was uber fruitful today, didn't run, but did lunges and loads more of stuff to make up for it.
yaye me and jean! :D

tomorrow's my birthday~
but my present from lots of people are fucking extended till 6th november.
yay much -.-
i'll spend an emo birthday ALONE with physics.
and ms li, actually.
doubt she'll care though, LOL.
which reminds me.. i have to wrap up aisyah's present :)

goodluck to one and all for upcoming exams!
(people whose exams are over just sush.)
especially to NUSH students! :D
we'll need luck, mental stamina, and brains for this.

sigh, may be on major hiatus (if this isn't already long enough).
until, of course, exams are over.

quite busy for holidays, but i guess it's good.
if william's tuition teacher gets jean and i a spot for giving tuition, we'll be really busy.
1. Korean course 7.30-9pm (Fridays)
2. Gym on aftrnoons (Fridays and maybe one more day)
3. Guitar practices with Jean (on fridays too)
4. Catch up with Cheonman and HTTG (whenever free)
5. Salvage my tumblarity (whenever free too)
6. Genting (not sure bout dates, just 3rd week of Nov i think)
7. Tuition (Tues+Thurs?)
8. Type out cookbook recipes for gramma (whenever free)
9. COOK. (whenever i can.)
10. Spring-clean. (bet my mum will make me.)

gosh, so busy please x_____x
and this doesn't even include the tuition schedules if jean and i get a slot.

wish me luck :\
save some for yourselves though x]
we can do it! :D

6:23 PM  //  Out of the darkness and into the sun

생일 축하해!


Those pearl white teeth, charming killer-smile, the half-gloves that show off those hardworking hands and the bracelet that’s unable to missed.

The chestnut-brown hair that fell to your eyes - which twinkled brightly under the bright lighting; and the clothes that brought out your well-toned arms and body.

The slightly-crooked tie makes you look childish and cute, and as you sing, your voice reverberates in my ears.

The way you change me, Hae.

Never actually being there, you’ve supported me through the times I needed them.

Never actually doing anything specifically for me, your efforts on stage have always touched my heart.

Never actually having telepathy or connection, when you cry, I cry too.

All your efforts are recognized by not only ELFish, or Fishere, or all your personal fanclubs, but the whole population of ELFs, I’m sure.

Super Junior will never be the Super Junior they are now without their fish.

You’re irreplaceable, you know? <3

Our Fishy-oppa, happy birthday!

Love you forever <3

우리 고기오빠, 생일 축하해!

영원히 사랑합니다 <3

ISL'S 100th day anniversary is today! :)
kekeke, thanks to saaby unnie who founded ISL, and all the mods and admins, our ELF chatroll is doing GREAT today~ ^^
continue to strive, aja aja hwaiting! :)

"Covering the world in sapphire blue, one balloon at a time."

11:00 PM  //  Out of the darkness and into the sun

oh just like that;;

Monster - Super Junior.
yes, i hate/love it when hae coarsely whispers.
it's hot, like DANGG-IT hot :D

short post, since im slping soon.
hmm, this blog MAY go dead soon.
i guess.
since like.. the tagboard's dead..
and i think nt many people read this anw.
someone once told me that no tags doesnt mean no one reads your blog.
but haha, it seems weird that people actually read, but dnt leave a msg :\

alternative links, once again:

yeaup, as i said, short post D:

you're doing well in SJ-M, i can feel that the ELFs will come to support you in due time.


P/s: Aja aja hwaiting! ^^

11:33 PM  //  Out of the darkness and into the sun

We're at war;;

We Are Broken - Paramore.
i feel like going into a paramore craze again, iono why.
sigh, it's like, when i think of rebellion, i think of paramore.
not exactly paramore, but like..
songs from the old days.
from kor, and xuan, and all those people who supported me.
i dno.
suddenly miss them all so much.

going through rough patch with parents.
really, really, really, horrible.
i hate it.
my mum's like picking fault with me for every little thing.
my dad's exasperated with me and my mum, so he starts nagging @ me.
but maybe it's me.
my mum's like forcing me to study.
like 24/7 or something.
but now, since she's pissed @ me, she's nt caring.

but i do better in tests where im nt under the pressure of studying.
like my maths test?
i mugged myself, with jean.
and i got 24/30.
A ley.
and i epic failed (nt literally) for my prev maths test.
i got a staggering B- or something.
i dno..

oh, and if you realized, this blog is pretty much becoming an emo blog.
so start reading LJ instead.
oh but warning, i spaz quite a lot.
but yeah, i still blog like any average person usually.
the link to my LJ is in my links already :)


P/s: wish me luck with parents :/

9:42 PM  //  Out of the darkness and into the sun


到了明天 (Blue Tomorrow) - Super Junior M
i like the lyrics.
from what i catch, which is like, 75%?
LOL. SJM chinese is like... x]

omg, just saw the lyrics.
super sadzxzxzx.
blue tomorrow's meaning is to protect a lost love.
wook has that much emotion, it's really nice.
and hae, sigh, what can i say :)
mostly the parts that i can understand are by geng, mi, henry and kyu, LOOOL.
the rest, fail, LOL.
quite little la, nt that totally cant tell what they saying.

sigh, im getting lazier and lazier to post on blogger.
but this blog 2 years le, like don't want to scrap it :/
so readers, this might just get dead, or at least, inactive.
prepare for it man.

~burdened by expectations.


6:01 PM  //  Out of the darkness and into the sun


Super Girl - Super Junior M.
still addicted? x]
along with:
Broken Strings - James Morrison
Timeless - Jang Ri Yin feat. Xiah Junsu.
Fire - 2NE1

yes, i know, im undecided, haha.
do i blog differently here than LJ?
i have no idea.

-waits for gemmi-

haha, sorry.
school, was... fun.
i guess.
msged gemmi the WHOLEEE day.
haha, got back summative essay.
although only got 18.5/25 writing about hae, i feel really happy already :)
i dno.
something about it just makes me feel really good.
maybe cos im introducing him to everyone who reads my compo.
my favourite extract?
"His jet-black hair dyed to a chestnut shade, side-swept fringe that emitted a certain mature vibe. His eyes twinkled despite having no makeup on, presenting a cuter and more childish gaze."
might just post the whole thing up on LJ, watch out for it.
He was my brother, in the story.
and im loving my bro man, srsly x]

hmmm, what else.
studied with jean @ the com lab for 2 hours :O
miraculous, i know.
i finished up my maths hw :)
speaking abt math, i just realised i havent studied for the retest tmr.
will study tonight or tomorrow.
oh damn, tomorrow's a busy day.
monday's timetable :(
NOOOOOOOOO, i don't want chem.

Japanese, was boring..
maybe cos of my new seat.
preferred my old seat WAYYY better.

PE was fun.
started of with warmups, then relays, hahaha.
super fun.
jumping, hopping, toppling and putting cones back up.
that's just so cool.
and yawen was imitating kanye west at EVERYTHING.
even @ the cone, =.=
yawen pouts, awwwwwwww so cute.
-rushes to leave a facebook comment-
ok, im back from leaving a comment :)

sigh, my eyes are really tired.
feels like taking out the guitar to strum, but is lazy.
and feels like talking to gemmi instead :)

kk, ciao people.
might blog again soon.
check LJ please~
it's HERE
comment if you wish, my posts aren't friend-locked :)


9:54 PM  //  Out of the darkness and into the sun

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